Graduates of the Cleburne Police Academy welcome you to our website. We invite you to signup and attend the next Academy and become a member to learn more and help us support our awesome Police Officers and Staff!

Mission Statement

  • Provide ongoing information and education in law enforcement related topics to our members, thereby equipping them with the increased capability to carry out the mission of the CCPAAA.

  • Undertake community service projects in support of the CPD.

  • Assist the CPD in ways that lessen its administrative and other support burdens, thereby allowing the department to devote maximum effort to core police functions.

  • Aid the CPD in handling special events that require manpower beyond the resources of the department.

  • Conduct fundraising events to allow the purchase of items not otherwise possible within the CPD budget.

  • Advance CPA graduates’ interest and involvement in police operations.

  • Increase public awareness and rapport between the community and the CPD.

  • Assist the CPD in conducting Citizen Police Academy and Teen Citizen Police Academy classes.

  • Continue to grow and develop the Cleburne Citizen Police Academy Alumni Association in ways that produce corresponding enhancements in our support to the Cleburne Police Department.