About Us

The Cleburne Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association is an association of local citizens that have attended and graduated the Cleburne Citizens Police Academy (CCPA). We have spent several evenings over several weeks getting to know the functions of our Police Department and its staff and officers. We have been trained on the functions and duties of the various departments along with the regional task force and other support functions to our PD. Our organization is a registered 501(c)3 charitable entitiy that is established to support the CPD and citizens of Celburne.

  1. The is a 100% self-sustained organization that supports, where we can, the CPD with needs that are not budgeted by the city.

  2. We operate totally on dontations given to us and by support by excellent local merchants and citizens such as yourself.

  3. As a 501(c)3 entity we can offer you a letter on our letterhead that allows for all donations to be tax deductible

  4. Organize and finance appreciation awards and dinners, special meals delivered to the officers on duty, and other needs for the department as possible with the funds available.

As graduates of the CCPA, several of us have chosen to join a functin of the CPD kown as Citizens on Patrol (COP) program. The COP program is totally funded by the Cleburne Police Department and managed by the same. The CCPAAA does suppor tthis function as we can, however the vehicles you have noticed around town and the maintenance, gasoline, communications and insurance is furnished by the City of Cleburne. The functions and duties of the COP program is as follows:

  1. Provide an extra set of "eyes and ears" for the PD by patrolling the city and reporting any suspicious or unsafe activity immediately to shift supervisors via radio contact thry the dispatchers.

  2. Provide traffic control where needed to free up the officers to go about their much more important duties.

  3. Provide PD support presence at functions around the city as needed.